Mohon hati-hati dengan penipuan yang mengatasnamakan UMM Pengembalian biaya SPP dan DPP 100% jika diterima SNBP dan SNBT. Pembayaran DPP bisa diangsur sampai 12 kali

Registration Procedures and Conditions




  1. Open the UMM registration page at 
  2. Create a Registration Account (for those who have never registered at UMM the previous year) to get a registration PIN
  3. Make payments according to the Virtual Account (VA) number and according to the provided Bank (BNI, MANDIRI, and BANK JATIM)
  4. Complete biodata, upload certificates (for 2019-2021 graduates) and for 2022 graduates, upload 4/5 semester report cards or graduation certificates if they already exist, with a maximum file size of 2 Mb
  5. Upload color photos with a maximum file size of 100 Kb
  6. Downloads & print the E-Card (If you can't, please contact the PMB WA Center)
  7. Conduct Online Tests (Psychotest and TPA) for Non-Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy and Non Achievement Pathways
  8. Waiting for the results of the announcement and her-registration (re-registration)


  • General Terms

High school graduate and equivalent (Year 2019-2022)

Islamic Boarding School graduates are required to have a Muadah Diploma/State Diploma/Package

Upload certificates, in 2022 you can report cards, SKL or diplomas)

Paying the Registration Fee

  • S-I / Vocational: Rp. 400,000,-
  • S-II / Master Degree: Rp. 500,000,-
  • S-III / Doctoral Program: Rp. 600.000,-
  • Profession Nurse, Pharmacist, Physiotherapy: Rp. 450.000,-
  • Engineer Profession: Rp. 750.000,-

Fill in the bio on the page

  • Special Terms

Academic Achievement (Graduates 2022): Upload Semester I-V Report Card.

Non-Academic Achievements (Graduates 2019-2022): Upload Supporting Achievement Certificates.

Faculty of Health Sciences (FIKES):

  1. Pharmacy Graduates of SMA/SMK/MA (IPA).
  2. S1 Nursing Science graduate from SMA/SMK/MA IPS and IPA.
  3. Nursing Study Program & Fisioterapi: Physiotherapy: Height Min. L: 155 cm and W: 150 cm
  4. Upload the results of the Health Test from the Local Hospital if it has been declared ACCEPTABLE with the form provided (download).
  5. Not physically disabled and not color blind.

Medical School:

  1. SMA/MA (IPA) Graduates Graduates in 2020 - 2022
  2. Pass the medical test / upload the results of the Health Test from the local hospital (if it is declared PASSED for UTBK).

FKIP (Biology, PGSD and Mathematics):

Upload a Certificate of Not Color Blindness from the local Hospital/Health Center

Scholarship for Orphans and PPUT:

  1. SMA/SMK/MA Equivalent graduates
  2. Registration in July - August for certain study programs
  3. Upload a statement and recommendation from PDM

Master & Doctoral:

Sending Hardcopy (FC): Certificate & Legalized transcript (2 sheets), KTP, Birth Certificate, KK & Parents' KK (2 sheets), Print Forlab Dikti ( student status starting 2008). Shipping address to Office Administration Postgraduate UMM Campus in GKB IV Lantai 1  Raya Tlogomas street No. 246 Malang


For Detail, Click Here

C. Line In Selection

The admission selection path that can be chosen by prospective new students includes: :

  1. Jalur Prestasi (Akademik & Non Akademik)
  2. Jalur Reguler (Seleksi Rapot & TPA)
  3. Jalur Kelas Psikologi Internasional
  4. Jalur Vokasi
  5. Jalur Beasiswa Yatim /Piatu
  6. Jalur Beasiswa Kartu Indonesia Pintar (KIP)
  7. Jalur Beasiswa PPUT /Ulama Tarjih
  8. Jalur UTBK Luring
  9. Transfer
  10. Alih Jenjang
  11. Twining Program
  12. Seleksi Pascasarjana
  13. Seleksi Profesi
  14. Seleksi Fast Track Pascasarjana
  15. Jalur International Student
  16. Kampus Merdeka